(Video) Olympic Peninsula Trip- Day One

As promised, here is the short film made up of the clips I managed to collect on my recent trip to the Olympic Peninsula. If you read my last post, you know I forgot my spare batteries and charger at home- only allowing me to capture what happened on day one of the trip. Nonetheless, I am amped on how the short came together.

Editing this film was rather therapeutic (as most video editing is to me). The process is really natural at this point. It goes like this- I keep the end goal on the forefront of my mind, what I imagine the finished piece to look and feel like, what I want it to say. I then dive in. I kind of get into a rhythm and my brain and body are able to make decisions without much conscious thought.  This is pretty cool, because it allows me to really jump into the clips and the memories that they call up. I was able to really feel grateful for the experience and people I shared it with.

It’s been weeks, but I still feel a lingering inspiration from this trip. I discovered that most of my mental and even my physical issues can be solved simply by embracing a more minimal way of living; a more primal way of life that is connected to nature. Every day I try to incorporate this idea into my daily life a little bit more. Hopefully someday it will be an everyday reality.